Government conspiracies, Aggies, Mountain Gods, and mutant bees.


by rogan


If you look at my vote incentives regularly, you may notice that they don't always change *DRASTICALLY*. It sometimes looks like I'm making little progress at all. Well, looks are deceiving. I work on at least two updates at a time, and what you see in the vote incentive is stuff that won't be live for least two weeks.

I intentionally keep you from seeing stuff from the upcoming update. It keeps the possibility of spoiling the next page down to a minimum. The trade off is that what goes up in the vote incentive can be a bit rough, and is often subject to drastic changes.
by rogan

camping ... in bakersfield

Well I forgot to mention this earlier, but I'm gone for a week. Update on Friday as usual, but no vote incentives till next week... See you then!
by rogan

Independence Day

I am taking a week off for the 4th of July holiday. There will be an update to the ongoing "4th Of July" comic I've been doing for the past 2 years, but I will not be updating Bee Police until sometime after I return.
by rogan

twc vote site issues

If you don't get the updated vote reward image, ITS NOT MY FAULT!!! (wah!) I updated the vote incentive today as usual. TWC seems to be having issues. This has happened before, where I try to update the vote incentive info, but the edit page wont load. I've been told its my browser cache (cleared it) and I've tried it on multiple browsers, same results. So, if you get the wrong image, sorry. I can only update the stuff I have access to.
by rogan

Story to date

I figured I should do this every now and then...

Matt trapped a bee in a jar and Jake found it. Jake was displeased that Matt had interrupted the bee's life cycle. Matt didn't give a rip, and flushed the bee down the toilet to prove it.

Jake refused to feed Matt, who ate oreos and burbon for dinner, resulting in bad dreams and a patently BAD reaction to being surprised by a girl in a Bee suit. Beth (bee suit girl) agrees to drop the assault charges if Matt will introduce her to Jake, and one other thing, which Matt agrees to without letting her continue... Matt is now on the hook for being the subject of one of Beth's videographies. Mike, Cam, and Carter are introduced as Beth's video crew.

Jake meanwhile dozes off in Ag-Psych 101. (lots of classes at Podunk U are Ag based) He(Jake) has a bad dream about carebear spartans (blood-thristy teddy bears... which relates well to the topic at hand, Anthropomorphism, and its relation to the concept of "Meat is Murder."

Speaking of dead meat, our dead bee winds up in a toxic barrel, and is re-animated by some unknown means. runs afoul of some wasps, and appears to be making a bee-line to someplace.

Matt has some hi-jinks with Beth and crew in his math midterm. Jake meets up with his "Grams" Sylvia Demetrius, about taking home a bee hive.

Matt is on his way home with Beth and the boys, and relates some stuff about their past, including Trudy (his crazy cousin) and Jake's girlfriend, as an example of Jake getting "spooked".

Jake makes it home, and Matt calls him, distracting him from the bees, and the green blur that seems intent on releasing them from their metal screened prison.

Once Matt makes it home he is confronted by a swamp monster (Jake in bee suit). Jake meets Beth. the boys are in the van, but Mike is missing. He's on an errand...

Whoo boy, this is long, and you're still not up to date. I'll edit this more later, and probably give it its own page.