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rediscovering anime

by rogan
I started watching anime during the dark ages, when fan subs were non existent. There was ONE company releasing titles in the US. Their selection was terrible, and they insisted on dubbing titles in a way that completely changed the stories. This was back when all we had was VHS tapes, and all we could do was cry when our copies of Urusei Yatsara became fuzzy and warbly.

Luckily, as time passed and technology became better, Anime became even more popular, and there was this explosion of companies importing titles. Yet, still they kept messing with the stories, editing the video, and sanitizing it for a mainstream audience. Pure, uncut anime was rare, and expensive.

I could not afford monthly treks to Japan-town in San Francisco, so I eventually stopped watching it. The stuff on TV was okay, but again, horribly chopped up and dumbed down for children. I gave up hope...

lots of things happened, jobs, moving, family, debt. and Netflix. Yes, Netflix. I was at a point where I could not stand renting movies, going to movie theaters, watching live tv -even on a dvr. All the stuff that was coming out could have been brilliant, but I had been inundated by too many home alone movies, sad ripoffs of terminator, and romantic comedies that were neither romantic or comedic. NOTHING was being made as well as it had already been made. If only I had a way to just see that stuff again.

And I said "Duh!" Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, all have video streaming. I'm sure there's stuff I didn't see before the black curtain of despair dropped on my TV. So, yeah, I got a Netflix account, and there was tons of stuff I had forgotten existed, and there was ANIME... Shows I didn't recognize, others I remembered.

It's not all there on Netflix, but What IS there is enough to get me started. Eventually, I'll have to dig around to find more, but for now, It's like I've rediscovered a part of me that I buried.