Government conspiracies, Aggies, Mountain Gods, and mutant bees.


by rogan


I'll be spending 4 days in Bakersfield! Actually, its about twenty miles outside of Bakersfield, but what's twenty miles, really, when you're so close to the, uhh, err, umm, most SPECIAL place in California.

Anyway, what this really means to you is very little, other than the vote incentive image won't update for four days... E-GAD! (vote anyway, please?)

I'll be back soon, hopefully Matt and Jake don't trash the place while I'm gone.

by rogan

Layout Updates!

I've been wanting to update the layouts for about three months, and just never had the time or energy to devote to it. Today, however, I had no excuses and no interruptions, so Voila! You get two layout updates.

First, and foremost, the overview page is now active and displaying this blog, and a preview of the current update!. Second, but no less important, the comic pages have been cleaned up a bit. I like the functionality I put into them, but the layout seemed a bit cluttered. Hopefully the changes are to your liking!
by rogan


I'm going to be out of town for the next three days, so there will be no mini updates in the vote section till Monday night sometime. But hey, I left you with an update! See you all soon!
by rogan

ratings shchmatings

Yeah, I dropped the ratings. I'll change them again if and when we get some racey stuff online.

by rogan

Ratings Change

Up till now, I've rated Bee Police has with a Language and Violence tag. And its been for good reason too! Actually, the harshest word I've used so far has been "damn", and the most violent situation so far has been a bee slapping another bee awake.

Now, I'm adding in the Sexual content and Frontal Nudity tags. "Why?" you ask. "Is Ron gonna put up x rated pictures now?"

Well, no, not exactly... In fact if we rated the comic like a movie, it would have something between a PG and an R rating, but I'm flagging all the tags with the idea of covering my butt. It gives me the freedom to explore situations without holding myself back. Kind of like the freedom  I would have if I were writing the story as a novel. It's incredible what you can get away with in a book. It's probably because the freaky people who want to censor everything can't be bothered to read a whole book.

Anyway, I'm just letting you all know that Things aren't really changing, or maybe they might change a little. No matter what, the comic is always going to attempt to tell the story in the best way possible. If something I present offends you, it's probably supposed to do that.