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The Great Pagan Duckies Bunnies Charter

23rd Apr 2011, 11:14 PM in Pardon the Interruption
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The Great Pagan Duckies Bunnies Charter
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Author Notes:

rogan 23rd Apr 2011, 11:14 PM edit delete
THIS is why the Easter Bunny stopped working with ducks.

The Background used on this page is a portion of a painting by Frederick Childe Hassam (October 17, 1859 – August 27, 1935). He was a prominent and prolific American Impressionist painter. You can look him up on Wikipedia.

For those of you who are curious about copyright, I have circumvented any possible issues with these steps:
1) I am using only a portion of the image
2) I have applied a watercolor filter to the image, hence modifying the artwork in an obvious manner (flat color plates as opposed to tiny brush strokes)
3) The Majority of the visible image is covered by my work.
4) I have credited the original artist with having done the work on the background. Hence I am not pretending to be the artist of note.
5) Nobody in their right mind is going to pay me any amount of money for displaying this chopped up fuzzed out graffiti covered low res. thing that was once a PART of somebody else's work. Even if they DID there is no way of knowing if the image I used was from the original, or a forgery, or from a student project.
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