Government conspiracies, Aggies, Mountain Gods, and mutant bees.

It's not easy bee-ing green

27th Jan 2011, 3:24 PM in The Secret life of Bees
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It's not easy bee-ing green
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Author Notes:

rogan 27th Jan 2011, 3:24 PM edit delete
As we get into this chapter, I'd like to think that everyone reading this comic can discern the differences between the bees presented here and reality.

That fact not withstanding, I'm also going to throw out some info about bees as we go along, and just to muddy the waters completely, I'll be making notes about the bees in Bee Police ALSO.

A bit about bees

Bees eat pollen and drink the nectar of flowers. If nectar is scarce, they will drink the juices of ripe fruits. They produce wax, honey and royal jelly.

Wax and honey are pretty straight forward. Royal jelly, is secreted from glands in the heads of worker bees.

Bee slang (beebonics?)

A "waste of pollen" is a non-productive bee. It's a waste of pollen to feed something that doesn't contribute to the collective.

Pollen globs is a basic expletive of distaste, globby pollen is kind of like the bee version of lumpy oatmeal.

A "Jelly Drunk" refers to becoming drunk. I figure the closest thing to getting drunk would be overdosing on the proteins and amino acids in Royal Jelly. There is some hint of shame here in that the highest concentration of Royal Jelly is found in larvae cases, and the act would be equivelent to stealing candy from a baby.

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