Government conspiracies, Aggies, Mountain Gods, and mutant bees.

Q: What the heck is "BEE POLICE"?

A: Bee Police is a story about a couple of college students who slowly find out they're completely enmeshed in a thing I can't tell you about without giving away the plot! HAH! Yes, there is a plot.

Those of you who have read the story so far will know that Matt and Jake are roommates. They live and go to college in an Agriculture centric town named PODUNK. There is some shadowy group that is using technology and arcane powers to track "situations" that are outside the norm. These people think Jake's bees are some kind of threat, and have attempted to remove them.

Matt brought home a girl named Beth, who has effectively insinuated herself and her video crew into their lives. One of her crew has fallen into the hands of a shadowy figure who may be related to the other group of shadowy figures. AND as of yet, Beth and her crew have not really MISSED him, since she had him go run an errand of some nature.

Oh, and lest I forget, Jake has demonstrated that he has some psychological issues, narcolepsy, and has apparently traded places with a mutant green bee that claims to be on a mission from god.

Q: Why do you draw the bees so skinny? THey look anorexic.

A: They're Anthropomorphic bees. Their skelletons are mostly on the OUTSIDE, so they're really BONES and skin, as opposed to skin and BONES.And NO, they're not anorexic, they have really high metabolisms. After all, they eat POLLEN and NECTAR, which is pretty much pure sugar and simple carbohydrates.


Q: Are you Jake?

A: No. I'm the guy with the ponytail that shows up every now and then and complains about the mess.


Q: Which character do you think represents you the most?

A: They're all representations of the voices inside my head, so none of them really represent me more than any other.


Q: Are you crazy?

A: Maybe. For All I know I could be a drooling nutjob in a padded cell alternating between scribbling with a crayon and eating it.


Q: Who the heck is writing these questions?

A: Please reference the previous two Q&A's. If REAL people want to ask questions, they should email me at


Q: Why do the bees have two thumbs?

A: Doesn't everybody? Oh yeah, you mean on each hand. It's because I think it's cool, and it makes them look more alien in a cute way.


Q: What's with Queenbee having boobs?

A: I like boobs - hips too. And you'll notice her legs are shaped kinda nice. OK, really? How the heck am I supposed to say "this is a girl bee" and "This is a boy bee" short of drawing the international male and female symbols? Oh, and there's my personal art axiom too: It's better to draw inaccurate and sexy than accurate and boring.


Q: So, if I'm taking art classes, I should throw reality to the wind and just draw wild and sexy?

A: Uhh, no. Art classes teach you how to observe, translate and create art. Learn the rules before you bend them. Draw wild and sexy on your own time.