Government conspiracies, Aggies, Mountain Gods, and mutant bees.

RSS vs ComicFury Subscribe

Hey! this is a different subscribe link! Yes, Comicfury has a subscribe link that works if you are a ComicFury Member. BUT, what if you're NOT? Well, you COULD become one... Oh, you're shy? Don't want anybody to know your darkest secrets? Okay. You can subscribe to Bee Police via an RSS feed.

WHAT is an RSS feed? you ask. It's okay, not everybody who reads a web-comic knows what an RSS feed is. Simply put, there is software (like Google Reader) that lets you subscribe to "news" feeds so you can be informed when something new gets published on a website you want to keep up with.

Oh, you're still here? Unfortunately, there are so many different readers out there, and their procedures are all different, so I won't be giving you detailed how-to advice. BUT , once you've got a reader, copy this url: and paste it into whatever your news reader uses to track your feeds.

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