Government conspiracies, Aggies, Mountain Gods, and mutant bees.


If you cannot see this image, change your browser's settings for this site to allow 'insecure' content or to show images from external sites. This image is stored on, my other website.Bee Police is a serial fantasy webcomic about people, gods, science, magic, time travel, secret societies, conspiracies, and more. Everything in the story is subject to change multiple times in a fluid universe where reality may very well be a simulation that has gone out of control.

Content Warnings

Because of the nature of this comic, there are some scenes of partial nudity, violence, and mild profanity. There are also themes in this story that may challenge or outright disagree with readers' beliefs.

Abandon Hope

Click on the preview image to the right and will take you to the latest comic. Bee Police updates every Tuesday at about 7 pm Pacific time. This may change depending on the whims of my draconian overlords. 

Vote Buttons

In addition to the Vote Page, I've put TWC vote buttons at the bottom of the story pages. I would appreciate folks voting for Bee Police. Not that it matters for anything but my vanity.

Technical Update

The preview image is now semi-automated. I have a queue of preview images that are swapped in on Tuesdays at 7 pm to match the comic update, thanks to some perl scripting and a crontab.

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